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Alt Eisen by Rakugaki-otoko Alt Eisen :iconrakugaki-otoko:Rakugaki-otoko 4 3
upon those shores
A rare beauty
That is one like a wilted rose
And the love of a small child
Did hold my hand
That day we met
And on the shores were newly wed
With time we were bestowed
With grace and the love of that our own child
Who with care and love did grow to be
A sailor of the windswept sea
And upon those shores of which we wed
Our son did find his mortal end
A plaque to sea a plaque to Poseidon
That my only child
May wicked be
With time he vanished
A simple scar unto ourselves
Till with time again we were greeted by that of a new born
Baby child, a girl this time
What joy we felt
That we were let to live again
And in this babe our woe did vanish
But that of our son was never forgotten
Nor the sea our old time enemy
We raised the girl a lady of the life
A lady to love and a lady to find it in herself
To find her own a new wed husband
And upon those shores that we did meet
And upon those shores our son did die
And upon those shores our daughter were wed
And upon those shores we found happiness ag
:iconalucardsbloodlust:Alucardsbloodlust 3 7
Le cristal dore by jjuuhhaa Le cristal dore :iconjjuuhhaa:jjuuhhaa 2,950 1,207 Malt Plant IV by LeiYa-X Malt Plant IV :iconleiya-x:LeiYa-X 11 5
Under this Starry Sky
Under this Starry Sky
As I look up into the sky
The clouds have all but left, and the sun is nowhere to been seen
The moonlight cuts through the few wandering clouds
And the stars shine brightly
You may not be here right now
But your presences still seems faintly here
Under this starry sky, I feel you looking at the same star
A star crossing another star…
A hand reaching for another hand…
We may be far apart, but we share the same sky
If I can't see you…
If I can't talk to you…
All I have to do is look up at this starry sky
And I'll be right beside you
For one more time.
:icontuxedok:TuxedoK 1 7
Veins by jjuuhhaa Veins :iconjjuuhhaa:jjuuhhaa 257 226 ....heart of a Lion by foureyes ....heart of a Lion :iconfoureyes:foureyes 10,801 1,467 SKET CraneEngineering 17 by Twitch100 SKET CraneEngineering 17 :icontwitch100:Twitch100 48 14 Kingdom Hearts, Ansem by gndagnor Kingdom Hearts, Ansem :icongndagnor:gndagnor 851 130 The Eternal Legend by Spyke700 The Eternal Legend :iconspyke700:Spyke700 1 3
Murdered by Love
My heart is burning
Lit on fire
By attraction
My brain is in a coma
Comfortably numb
My feelings are drowning
Into your image
Painted on my eyes
My soul is sleeping
In your arms
And even now
All of me is dead
You still won't notice
:iconbokemechoco:BokeMeChoco 0 4
Une nuit des epilobes by jjuuhhaa Une nuit des epilobes :iconjjuuhhaa:jjuuhhaa 1,314 615
Your Song...
I climb into bed, reluctantly removing the headphones. The lyrics still echoing in my head, reverberating through my bones, to my soul. Tears threatening to fall. I pull up the duvet, cocooning myself inside it. I stretch an arm out to switch of the lamp, and I'm left alone in the dark. The darkness scares me, it never used to. I shudder slightly and squeeze my eyes shut, praying for sleep before my thoughts steal it from me.
It's too late, they've already arrived. It's like a train stopping at the platform and the passengers spilling out. Each passenger is a thought, each battling for a place in the front of the queue. How do you always manage to get to the front? My very first thought. You look old... too familiar. You've been in my thoughts far too long. I walk down the side of the queue, making eye contact with the happy passengers, but they never hold my gaze. It's the older ones, the familiar ones that want to talk. But I don't want to listen.
I toss and turn in my bed, unable to
:iconohitsfun:ohitsfun 0 1

Newest Deviations

Painfully aware
that it is you moving around
collecting your things
preparing to leave
while I sleep
fitfully, having been up a long time
though, it's probably best
if you go
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 0 0
a jumble of confused words
rallied around an emotion
that changes quite constantly
a quick surge of anger
burns out to reveal
a lost and wandering confusion
that finally finds itself
stuck inside its own raincloud
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 1 0
I put it on the shelf
out of reach, out of sight
Surely not out of mind.
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 0 4
Musing v.31032009
We grow, and we change.
We change as we grow, and we slowly make our way across life. Instead of all the metaphors that I could use, I will simply say that we grow to overcome our problems. That or we grow as we overcome our problems. The appearance of problems is directly related to our growth. Real or just percieved, getting over them leads to growth.
The problem that the surmounting of one problem only reveals a new one, one that was more formidable than before, and we can't do anything but face it, rather than be crushed by it. It's ok though, to fall back a bit, to retreat and regroup. And you are not alone. You have a wealth of information available to you, (not wikipedia) but within the people that you know, and those that you don't. The cyclical nature of life, not just within a single lifespan, but within multiple spans does not mean that life is meaningless and everything has been done before. It means that there exists a wealth of knowledge for us to draw upon and use when t
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 0 0
24032009 v.3
Going through the robotic motions
seemingly lifelike
till upon closer inspection
the assembly line production
becomes apparent in the movement
under the costume of a soft skin
under the misillusioned theories of creativity
striving for something
more than human experience
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 1 8
24032009 v.2
He was incoherent and babbling
a picture portrait for confusion
He was secure but scrambling
a cereal box model for delusion
He soon left as all things do
it didn't matter in the least
he was just my reflection
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 1 2
Lost in things I cant comprehend
just that kid who didn't want to grow up
blocking out the things I couldn't handle
collapsing on me in a moment of weakness
Where did all my strength go?
When did I start being like this?
Lost in things bigger than I am
a refusal to accept responsibility
running from it since I was younger
when it was forcibly put on me
Where did it all fall apart?
When did I stop being the mature one?
Lost in childish devotion
unable to accept that things change
fearing the things I can't predict
permeating each second
I just fell apart
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 0 0
Once upon a time, when I little, I would try to catch butterflies. With my own hands, no nets or traps or anything. Having many more facets in their eyes, as well as being more perceptive to changes in air pressure and the wind, such an act is fairly difficult. But like any curious 9 year old, you press on anyway, and maybe you get lucky. Today was a purple day. Small, triangular. Maybe you know about it, I just know that I grabbed it and put it into a plastic container.
The problem with catching butterflies is that they're very delicate. You can't catch them well with your hands to begin with, and when you do, you probably shouldn't have. I'm pretty sure I damaged its wings when I caught it, took off a patch of the miniscule scales that cover its wings.
So the moral of the story is not that you have to let it free, or that you shouldn't try to catch butterflies, which represent "freedom" or anything. Or that, we are butterflies, and life catches us and damages our wings. That would be
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 0 6
back and forth
back and forth
like the curves of a sine wave
or the tracks of an underground train
inside the tunnel
lights flicker as we pass them by
the sky hides
It's too early for this.
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 1 8
Unfamiliar room
rough carpet
small blanket
a hazy dream
wasn't pleasant
wake up to a sing-song tone
take a few train rides home
a deluge of hot water
tape on my arm
different from yesterdays rain
1.50 for a wash
another for a dry
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 1 6
It's late
the clock reads 1 am
and you're still up
unsightly shadows cast over the lawn
scary thoughts served
with just a hint of paranoia
a sprinkling of unseen noises
and you run back inside
because it's dark
on the outside.
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 1 8
A series of
red lights and rain
a quiet drive
contemplating something, anything
water drops slide down the window
leaving a lonely trail of water
next to all the other lonely trails
wumph wumph wumph wumph
they try to push the water away
At the driveway I wrap my stuff
put it on the rock next to me
and sit.
The lady walking by doesn't see
too intent on what's ahead
the lady coming to my door
paid to advertise in the rain
says, "Do you live here"
I suppose my stuff is here
but I'd rather it all go away
Crumpled notes on random paper
"Is that a poem?"
"No, just some things I had to write down."
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 2 16
Some people can't say what's right in front of them. You can't see something that's far away, and as it gets closer it becomes more defined, but like holding your hand up to your face, at a certain point, the closer it gets, the more the lines blur and it becomes harder to see what's there.
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 0 2
Delirious, composed of little sleep
2, 3 hours at best
A little less perhaps
stumbling through the hallways
moving out of sheer gravity
more than any force of will or desire
1  2  1  2
step forward, fall a bit
catch yourself
1  2  1  2  1  2
rinse repeat rinse repeat
drift close to the wall
don't fall asleep.
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 0 17
The machination of a society
All alone
In the silence of their thoughts, fear
In the sound of the noise, comfort
It’s nice to not be alone
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 0 3
Painfully So
Painfully obvious
even hiding it like I always do
something's wrong
but it's nothing at all
rather not tell anyone anyway
too proud too strong
too weak inside too scared
I'd rather be
a cynical asshole who thinks he knows more than he does
a whiny adolescent kid anyway
:iconzoklar:Zoklar 1 10



has nothing to contribute.
Wallpaper of choice: Peeling
How could I feel/think/live something for so long, and then when it actually happens, reject/deny/refuse it?

Maybe she's lying through her teeth. Maybe I'm delusional.

*I don't check in here often, but here's a snippet. And to all the people I might owe a comment, a post, anything, don't hold your breath.


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